LocoMotion: The Science & Circus Arts Show
"LocoMotion is smart, creative, and perfectly entertaining."
—Mikala Thompson, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins

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National Juggling Champion and movement artist Peter Davison presents juggling, unicycling, balancing, acrobatics, and more, while teaching the science behind the artistry. LocoMotion is a captivating mix of education and entertainment for theaters, schools, and libraries.

Much more than a "science demonstration," Peter mixes awesome circus skills with dance and physical theater in a unique presentation that engages all ages.

Human and machine locomotion, Newton's Laws of Motion, center of gravity, gyroscopic action, centrifugal and centripetal forces, friction, and other physical phenomena are revealed.

Workshops and a study guide are available to keep the fun and learning going well after the show is over.

This show is packed with audience participation, education, and entertainment!


"When Peter Davison brought his Science Circus to the Waxahachie Chautauqua, we felt like we were all on stage with him. His magic combination of artful movement, science, fun and surprises created a compelling experience. And his two presentations for Waxahachie elementary students were especially a hit with both the children and their teachers. Peter understood his audience and how to effectively involve and make them part of the show. He skillfully taught physics concepts while entertaining with grace, joy, and suspense."
—Maureen Moore, Program Chair, Waxahachie (TX) Chautauqua Auditorium

"Peter's LocoMotion assembly was an amazing event for our students. Peter is highly engaging for all student ages kindergarten through 6th grade. Our students and teachers loved how he combined important science lessons with highly entertaining activities. Peter incorporated student participation, and he had excellent student management. Peter has a true gift for presenting, and he is a wonderful entertainer!"
—Rachel Shulman, Ed.S, School Psychologist, Mt. Carbon Elementary School, Littleton, Colorado

"Peter Davison's expert artistry and experienced showmanship combine to create a captivating display from which he cleverly reveals the science behind the circus arts. Peter was well-prepared for the size and scope of the crowd, and demonstrated a refreshingly exceptional level of professionalism throughout the entire booking process. He's a rare talent who has mastered the art of juggling teaching and entertaining...and juggling."
—Mikala Thompson, Brand Development Manager, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Peter Davison's performance is fun for all ages, full of energy, entertaining, and educational! Adults watched in amazement, and children giggled at the balletic antics and clowning. This is a smart show, with accessible science facts, funny props, physical comedy, and fabulous music."
—Phoebe Carter, Youth Services Director, Weber County Library, Ogden, Utah

"Peter Davison put on a show for our elementary school kids that had them mesmerized, laughing, and learning physics laws all at the same time! Kids were engaged/involved throughout. I would very much recommend having him come to your school. Highly entertaining!"
—Tom Wetzel, P.E. instructor, Eugene Field Elementary, Littleton, Colorado

"If you are looking for a S.T.E.M. program that is both entertaining and educational this is it! Peter kept a wide range of ages from 3 to 93 engaged and learning. I can't believe how many science concepts he fit into his performance: center of balance, gravity, centripetal force, and so much more! He has an ability to bring a sense of wonder and joy to the kids and families while explaining the science behind his circus acts. I kept smiling for the rest of the day and we can't wait for Peter to come back this winter!"
—Dawn Mendel, Park Hill Branch, Denver Public Library, Colorado

"Peter Davison is a kind, genuine and charismatic person. His performance was wonderful and engaging for children and adults alike. Peter also included bits of information in the midst of his show that helped us understand the science behind why things happen. It was amazing and entertaining to watch. The audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves!"
—Fremont County Library - Children's Department, Riverton, Wyoming

"'This was the best program [Palmer Lake Library] has ever had!' ...comment received from a patron of many years. Every element of Peter's program was coordinated with wonderful musical accompaniment. He moved seamlessly from one segment to the next keeping the entire audience (and library staff) enthralled. He had several opportunities for children to participate in meaningful ways. When you host Peter Davison you will appreciate his preparedness, calm manner, ability to engage a wide-range of ages simultaneously, his skill with his technical equipment, and of course his physical accomplishments."
—Linda Fuqua-Jones, Branch Supervisor, Palmer Lake Branch, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado

"Peter's understanding and ability to connect physics concepts to the world of circus arts is mesmerizing. Just when one thinks he can't possibly add another dimension he expands to yet another concept and keeps the audience spinning right along with him!"
—Paula Ciberay, Youth Services Program & Outreach Manager, Wilkinson Public Library, Telluride, Colorado

"The performance was fantastic with movement and acrobatics. Somehow he managed to relate each act to specific laws of physical science. The library would gladly have him perform again and again."
—James Ramsey, Ford-Warren Branch, Denver Public Library, Colorado

"I would rank him as one of the best performers we have ever had. Mr. Davison distinguished himself by coming fully prepared with interesting information that was both informative and highly creative. He held a captive audience which included a range of ages from very young children all the way through adults. His high energy, patience and professionalism made the program a success. The following are just a few of the compliments our library received regarding Mr. Davison and his performance: "When will he be back? My kids and I loved him!" "Thank you for having this program. It was so great." "Where else will he be performing? My other daughter couldn't come today but she would have loved this!" A child around the age of 7 years old came up to me after the show and thanked me for having him come to the library saying, "That was so neat. I want to learn how to do that stuff."
—Jenny Gaechter, Children's Specialist, Manitou Springs Library, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado

To book LocoMotion, email Peter@LocoMotionShow.com or call 303-748-9244.

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November 3, 2018
"Super Science Saturday!"
Boulder, Colorado

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