June 6 at 3PM: Sam Gary Library, Denver
June 8 at 10:30AM: Manitou Library, Pikes Peak
June 13 at 2PM: Virginia Village Library, Denver
June 13 at 6PM: Ross-University Hills Library, Denver
June 14 at 10AM: Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins
June 14 at 2PM: Thornton Arts & Culture Center, Thornton
June 20 at 6PM: Englewood Civic Center, Englewood
June 21 at 10:30AM: Palmer Lake Library, Pikes Peak
June 23 at 11AM: Wilkinson Library, Telluride
June 27 at 2PM: Green Valley Ranch Library, Denver
June 28 at 3PM: Ross-Barnum Library, Denver
July 7 at 10:30AM: Penrose Library, Pikes Peak
July 8 at 2PM: Woodbury Library, Denver
July 9 at 2PM: Schlessman Library, Denver
July 19 at 10:30AM: Sand Creek Library, Pikes Peak
July 21 at 10:30AM: Library 21C, Pikes Peak
July 26 at 3PM: Park Hill Library, Denver
August 1 at 2:30PM: Bear Valley Library, Denver
August 3 at 2PM: Ford Warren Library, Denver
August 9 at 2PM: Pauline Robinson Library, Denver
September 2 at 1PM & 5PM: Taste of Colorado Kids Stage, Civic Park, Denver
October 20 at 1PM: East Library, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs
November 19 at 2PM: Canyon Theater, Boulder Public Library, Boulder
November 21 at 2PM: Loveland Public Library, Loveland
December 27 at 3PM: Park Hill Library, Denver